EGYPTEX Fabric Expansion Joints

Our wide variety of expansion joints professionally made to meet your particular applications, and installed as flexible connections in air and flue gas pipes and duct systems to take up or compensate for thermal expansion, vibrations and misalignments, Take up movement in several directions simultaneously; they have almost no reactive forces and need little space for installation. They quickly adapt to existing physical conditions and are easy to transport and install.


Air filters help to safeguard human health by preventing airborne contamination from entering indoor environments.

In addition correctly selected and maintained air filters keep indoor environment clean ensuring that any facilities (machines) are perform in accordance with design parameters. Some Applications

Proper design of these joints starts with asking the right questions about the application, providing the correct answers, and applying design rules to arrive at the appropriate solution.

Different factors to consider when choosing a suitable expansion joint:


The advantages of the Fabric Expansion Joints are:

  • No transmission of reactive stress
  • No transmission of vibrations and resonance
  • Only one expansion joint may absorb different directions movements a the same time
  • Noise reduction
  • Easy installation
  • Fabrication program for temperatures up to 1600 ºC.