As one of the world's leading manufacturer of conveying and processing belts, EGYPTEX has developed a specific product range to meet the special requirements of the nonwovens industry.


Belts or Blankets for various applications, Examples of blanket types are:

  • Transfer Printing
  • Continuous Decating (decatizing)
  • Steam Compactors
  • Heat Compactors
  • Silk Calanders
  • Crabbing
  • Carpet Polishing
  • Sanforizing
  • Laminating / Bonding


Our Nonwoven Endless Belt Production Range

Material: Polyester - Acrylic - Nomex
Thickness: 4 - 20 mm
Width: up to 3 meters
Circumference: 1.6 - 25 meters

Temperature resistance:

Polyester = 140 ˚C (dry)
Acrylic = 120
˚C (dry)
Nomex = 205 ˚C


Decating (textiles) A finishing process in which fabric is sponged or steamed in rollers to set the width and length as well as to achieve smoothness. Also known as decatizing.



Sanforization is a process of treatment used for cotton fabrics mainly and most textiles made from natural or chemical fibres to preshrink (cloth) permanently by a patented process before making garments