EGYPTEX Airslide

Airslides are a safe and economical way of transport in a downward direction, It provides some of the most efficient and practical methods of conveying bulk powder material.

Airslides have no moving parts and are often a far better solution than using screw conveyors, drag chains and belt conveyors.

All we need is some low-pressure air, an aeration bed and a small incline (gravity) and we can convey hundreds of tons of products over long distances.


Airslides are used extensively in conveying homogenous dry powder in many industries including minerals and mining where it is used in cement, lime, gypsum powder, and fly-ash.

The main feature of this machine is that it can perform discharges at different points by coupling its shutoff valves and direction deviation valves, being able to distribute the product in different silos or warehouses.